Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pictureless Thursday

It has been a blog drought, no? After the fair things just got "stranger and stranger" said Alice.

My short reunion with the clinic has ended and I am now on unemployment with the great or not so great state of California. It has been an adventure as in many years of working I have never, never claimed before. I want only what is coming to me and the state can breath a sigh of relief to know that I will not seek never ending benifits.

Then came the sale, yes folks one house down and one to go, of the Cayucos house. It went from 0 to 60 in about as many seconds. 15 day escrow, cash in hand, done. Well it sounds easier then it looks. The whole process dredged up allot of old feelings and memories for both Geoffrey, myself and our children. Many trips to the beach there with Grandpa and Grandma when our two were little.

After that Christmas came and went , so did I. Left the Sunday after Christmas spending 3 days with my kids, assorted grandchildren in Fresno. Then spent Wednesday to Friday in Cottonwood with my friends Donna and Dallas at their ranch.

So now home and getting ready slowly for kidding to begin end of March. Have bred 10 does (just LaManchas this time) and had two come back in. Bred Tawny again last week. So if she takes we will have 9 does kid between the last two weeks of March and first two of April.

A twist this year as we will be bottle raising all the doe kids and perhaps a buck kid. Working hard on getting them user friendly and hopefully will sell a good number of them to others. I sort of miss the bottle babies so would someone who is reading this please copy that statement and remind me oh, say, around May 1st of what I said? ;-)

We have had lots of rain, ice and cold. I have become very spoiled with winter as we dried off the last two does end of December and now all I do is throw hay and hugs twice a day. Geoffrey keeps providing great warm fires nightly. Altho we are both looking forward to a wood stove when we move.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. This will be the year of the move but we need all the help God and our angels can provide in that direction.

Trust that everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year. I will make every effort to get photos and post more often. The bees by the way are doing fine. On rare dry, sunny days we get a chance to see them and with some help from our Rosemary bush they are flying into the hive with pollen ladden legs on those days.