Friday, August 27, 2010

False Promises, sigh

Remember how in the last post I promised pictures? Pictures of my families visit? And I have photos of my deck and yard by the light of the lovely most recent full moon. And photos of a lovely Cinderella pumpkin a friend gave me that I will can. And more photos of today's canning adventure.

Now remember this puppy?  I know this sweet puppy face, those 
innocent eyes, that vacant stare.

Move forward 6 months to this juvenile delinquent, er young dog, spawn of Satan. How could I say such horrible things about this dear, sweet young thing? Jaws of steel, industrial strength chewer she is. Sofas, leather chairs and an occasional cat quake in her presence.And the "dear, sweet, young thing" has added another victim to her list. What you may ask?

The UCB cable for my digital camera. I guess one night when I was typing away and the JD (see above) was or appeared to be sleeping blissfully at my feet under the desk with the computer cables, the little wench was actually gnawing away. No doubt in payback for some imagined sin on my part!

So it will be awhile before you see those photos. And I will spend my time searching Ebay for the best bargain on the needed part.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zip went July and now here's August!

My humble apologies for lagging so far behind. I can give reasons, not excuses, but that is besides the point. For two and one half weeks of July we had a lively house. The first week our son Geoff and his family came with daughter Annie's oldest Emily in tow. We took the sailboat to Lake Mendocino for a day, went to the coast for a day and just sort of hung out the remainder of the time.

I drove to Fresno after the first crew left and picked up Claire, Annie's 8 y.o. making her first solo trip to visit. We pretty much repeated the activities from the first visit but Claire and I added a day in San Fransisco. We spent about 4 hours the museum and aquarium in Golden Gate Park We then took a drive down Lombard St.  and Claire wasn't too impressed with that as she "thought it would go on and on and on." Lastly Gammie bit the bullet and we did the major tourist scene at Pier 39 having a nice dinner at restaurant there with a view of the famous sea lions .

Annie came up on the Amtrak the last Sunday and was able to stay over two nights. So we all went to Lake Mendocino with the boat again for a day. Everyone had a blast including Ari who is so hardwired for swimming it is amazing. Before anyone post about the lead - it is quite long and we are very careful with her. Until she is a bit older we keep her on lead at all times.

So what you may ask what am I doing now that everyone is gone? I work 2-3 days a week at the Vet. clinic still. At home there is much to do this time of the year. So far I have put up two batches of Bread and Butter pickles and one batch of carrots. I have tomatoes to tackle next. Our weather was cool and wet so late into the year the tomatoes are just beginning to get ripe. I anticipate that they will all ripen at the same time and I will find myself in the kitchen putting up allot of those.

Sorry about the lack of photos but when the kids and grandbebes were here I got very few photos. I just wanted to take the time to enjoy them. The few I got are still on the camera and I will take them off soon.

Trust your summer is going well and life is wonderful for you and yours!