Friday, August 27, 2010

False Promises, sigh

Remember how in the last post I promised pictures? Pictures of my families visit? And I have photos of my deck and yard by the light of the lovely most recent full moon. And photos of a lovely Cinderella pumpkin a friend gave me that I will can. And more photos of today's canning adventure.

Now remember this puppy?  I know this sweet puppy face, those 
innocent eyes, that vacant stare.

Move forward 6 months to this juvenile delinquent, er young dog, spawn of Satan. How could I say such horrible things about this dear, sweet young thing? Jaws of steel, industrial strength chewer she is. Sofas, leather chairs and an occasional cat quake in her presence.And the "dear, sweet, young thing" has added another victim to her list. What you may ask?

The UCB cable for my digital camera. I guess one night when I was typing away and the JD (see above) was or appeared to be sleeping blissfully at my feet under the desk with the computer cables, the little wench was actually gnawing away. No doubt in payback for some imagined sin on my part!

So it will be awhile before you see those photos. And I will spend my time searching Ebay for the best bargain on the needed part.

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