Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going to the Fair

I am done. The goats are clipped, the trailer packed, the truck packed. I am done, oh yeah I am also redundant. Tomorrow at about 9 ish the four LaMancha does and I will leave for the fair in Fresno. It has been at least 5 years since we have shown at the Fresno Fair. Or as the "voice of the fair" likes to say in a booming voice "The time at the BIG FRESNO FAIR is blah,blah,blah." (Deb will appreciate that one)

One of the delights of showing at fairs besides the wave of humanity who is offering your stock everything from beer and soft tacos to carnival game prizes on a stick to eat; is getting penned in the barn right under the loud speakers. And after they have called for Suzie Q to her class ring side for the 20th time you could probably not get your drivers license  renewed because you are legally deaf.

Yesterday while I was doing battle with my portable milking/grooming stand I told my husband that if he wanted to he could remind me I am crazy to load up, groom 4 goats, travel least 6 hours each way with a livestock trailer behind me that no one in the entire state on the same freeway sees but me(especially when using an on ramp or changing lanes) to spend only two days at a fair showing nothing but Junior does. He just smiled and said "I already have".  But no more whining I am doing this for a higher calling. I have two granddaughters waiting to show these goats. They haven't been to a show in 4 years and are just about ready to pee with excitement. I have received multiple phone calls in the last two weeks reminding me just how excited they are.

So being the good Gammie I am tomorrow we are off and running. Did I mention spending $$$$ in fuel since with a trailer it sucks the life out of your truck and takes longer. Whoops, NO WHINING! The reward will be priceless.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Sunday of October

This day has been spent a bit disjointed and a bit of a whirlwind. I am getting ready to leave on Wednesday to go to Fresno with four of the does for my granddaughters to show at the Fresno Fair. So I have been tying up loose ends, getting stuff ready to go in the trailer tomorrow. Clipped a couple of kids and so forth.

Then I took Spinner for a walk. Not unusual, do it every day. She is coming on 10 years in a week and for a giant breed dog that is a nice senior age. So every day she gets a walk out of the farm, she has been our trusted livestock guardian since she came at 4 months of age in training. Now at ten she deserves.
Yesterday when we set out on our walk we had gotten to the top of the drive and I spied a sight that sent chills through me. A small white furry lifeless body on the opposite side of the road. Could it be our Snowy River, one of the two remaining barn cats? She never seemed to venture that far but then . .

So I picked up the white fluff and carried her down the hill toward the house. Shaken but taking note- wait this cat had a medium haired tail with a spot of blond on it. She also had a blond spot on her nose.Breathing a sigh of relief I realized this wasn't our Snowy. I put the lifeless body in a small bag with a note to Geoffrey(he was out walking Ari) that it was a hit by car cat but not ours. He buried the nameless kitten and that was that.

Until today, on our walk. I was inspecting the skeletal structure of a house across the street by our mail box. It is an older home and being rehabbed by the current owner. I had always wondered what the insides were like and since the windows are missing I took the liberty of a peek inside. While I was nosing round a neighbor child , boy of about ten; you know the two front teeth were plunging into adulthood but the rest of them were still baby teeth; came riding up on his bike.

His smile was slow and I, somewhat embarrassed at my act of snooping, smiled back and mumbled something about how I was always curious about this house. We chatted a few moments and as he put down the kickstand on his bike rather awkwardly asked if I had seen a white cat. My heart sank, his eyes were wide with hope. How do I tell him, this child with hope in his heart.

I dug deep inside and told him the bitter truth. How I had found her , I now know her name Zoey, and how we buried her not knowing where she lived. His eyes dropped, his chin quivered, as he drew himself up as if standing taller would make him stronger. I went on "I work at a veterinary hospital and from her injuries I would say she didn't suffer, was dead when the vehicle struck her, so don't worry about that." Boy, did my words ring hollow in my ears. "It's o.k." he bravely replied , chin quivering and tears welling up in his eyes. "No" said to him "it is not o.k. May I give you a hug?" He nodded and I hugged him and shared with him how we had lost two of our dogs this year. "I am so sorry" I mumbled. He thanked me and climbed on his bike heading home.  

It was an amazing meeting. He so young yet so strong. Me older and as the day wore on sadder. I thought of how this is just the beginning of this dance for him, there will be other cats and other heartbreaks. But I trust that he took some comfort knowing that she was cared for in her end of life. And I took some comfort in knowing that young man didn't have to come upon her and could remember Zoey for who she was.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

More on our food supply.

MetroFarm Online  

Food has always been of a large concern to me. From the time our children were born and before. Yes I have popped a high anti foaming agent laden Chicken McNugget on past occasions and no I am not the paragon of  virtue in food choices.

Each year we grow more of our own food. Each year we buy more from people whose face is across the table from us at farmers markets. And each year we try to live more simply, more honestly and use less, waste less and share more.

This journey has lead us from being vegetarians to meat eaters and back again. We try to make our diet one that our body dictates.  And as we age we find our bodies need less in portion size and even less in number of meals a day.

I like feeling good and I live feeling good about the choices my family makes to build a cleaner, safer world for ours and others children and grandchildren.  So this link is my one little addition to our food awareness for the day. Set your goals to not be overwhelming, do your homework and we can make change occur. You need to make the change, you need to make the difference. If not you who?

Sunday, September 26, 2010


In the days past from our busy bee activities there have been episodes of swarming. Katrina's hive split not once but twice and swarmed. So did Marie's. Then today a call from a friend who had a neighbor who had a swarm in their Crepe Myrtle tree. So who did I call ? My bee mentors of course. Katrina was otherwise occupied but Marie came to the rescue.
 The swarm above in the tree. It had been there about one week according to the Olsen's.                                                                                                                                                                      
The Olsen's and Marie while she explains her plan of action. When bee's swarm they gorge themselves on the honey stores, which often leaves the swarm lazy and full. Therefore an easy target to take command of.
Our swarm was eager to jump into the box after Marie gave them a gentle brushing. But not for long. They entered and swarmed again at least twice while we were there.
Finally Marie decided that the best plan of action was to let the swarm and box sit tight until sunset. The light and the mild breeze was not helping our cause.

This all took place at about 4 PM today. At 7 ish I got a call from Marie advising me that she had gone back to the Olsen residence and the bees had swarmed again onto a branch on a nearby Redwood tree. Mr. Olsen gave Marie the go ahead to clip away the branch therefore securing the swarm and she proceeded to take them back with her to the Frey ranch where Marie resides.
The bees will need feeding through the winter since they don't have the needed amount of honey at the ready to survive a winter. The Olsen's gracefully offered to help with the cost of keeping them in feed and Geoffrey and I will help where needed.

Considering the plight of honey bees around the globe I am going to bed feeling very good about this !

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bee Move In Progress

I have been checking on the bee's daily. By Thursday at night fall they had calmed down and appeared to be accessing the hive and settling in. On Friday morning at day break there was no activity yet and this didn't cause me worry as the temperature was only 42 degrees. On checking back mid morning the hive was a buzz and the bees were making "pollen gathering missions" on a regular basis.

This morning before heading to work I checked the hive again a bit after sunrise. We have had warmer temperatures the last two days and the activity was increased. I began to quietly gather up some of the older frames and took them up the hill to the barn.

At work I spoke with Marie, both she and Katrina were busy Friday and through this weekend with the local   Sol Fest   
So they won't be able to return until next week with the self feeder and some input as to if the space we have chosen is the best for the bees. Geoffrey has already planned a bee lean to so to speak and is wanting to get it started. There is much to do at the farm in the Fall and we also need to get a brooder going for the chicks that will arrive sometime next month.

Thanks to Ramil and Treasure Evermore for their visits and comments. Now it is time for bed as it has been a long day. More bee business to come!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

First Full Day of Fall and Things Are Buzzing!

When we moved here in 2006 we discovered that there was a beehive on our property. In the last four years with dreams of honey dancing in our heads I have uncovered a "bee trail" as it were. Evidently the original owners nephew began to keep bees in the mid to late 1960's. Time marches on and the hive that is left ( the only one of the original 10) is somewhere between 50 and / or less years old. I have no documentation on if anyone intervened after the initial undertaking.

So today was moving day for my hive. My friends Katrina and Marie, experienced bee keepers, came to the rescue at Walnetto Farm. The goal will be to finally move the hive to an area better situated for "happy bees". It will need to be slow going as bees need be moved no more than 3 feet (if that) in a day. I will keep you all posted on how it goes. I am just so very happy that the bees have new digs. As the older ones were , ah, made me feel like a Bee Slum Lord!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Second day of September. Yesterday was Geoffrey's 62 birthday. Opps, how is this possible? Wasn't just yesterday that young, dashing fellow of 21 that stole my heart with the help of this horse?
Time does fly most surely. But on yesterday with his birthday dinner, homemade cheese cake and lovely graphite drawing of Walnetto (who our farm is named after) he was again 21. I promise photos of the lovely drawing good friends in Madera did as his gift at my request. They have three very talented daughters and I am always in awe when I request a gift in the form of artwork by them. Some women marry for $$ some for power and some for looks. Not this girl I married because of a 3/4 Quarter/1/4 Morgan trained for cutting/roping and pleasure. O.k. the guy who owned him wasn't half bad either!
So the new cable should show up soon and I can download allot of photos. And many of you may ask if Ari will be held financially responsible for it? Not this time but next time I may sell all her kibble for cost of what she chews.      

Today was hodgepodge day. Errands, trip up the hill to visit a goat friend Karen Smith of Wingwood Farm http://www.wingwoodfarm.com/   for a bit and check out how the pig I am purchasing from her is coming along. I also found a suitor for Razamataz my 6 month old Nubian doe. Will breed her after our trip in October to Fresno Fair. The granddaughters have been begging for a goat show so this is the best option. 
After visiting with Karen, who is always fun to be with, I headed to the Dr. for an adjustment. Hip was out and causing a good deal of discomfort. Now all is well again and should remain that way until I unload the next load of alfalfa. Someday I may realize I am getting too old to do that. But until then I have my great Dr. to put stuff back where it belongs!  

Have a wonderful evening and may Fall come soon to your part of the woods!       

Friday, August 27, 2010

False Promises, sigh

Remember how in the last post I promised pictures? Pictures of my families visit? And I have photos of my deck and yard by the light of the lovely most recent full moon. And photos of a lovely Cinderella pumpkin a friend gave me that I will can. And more photos of today's canning adventure.

Now remember this puppy?  I know this sweet puppy face, those 
innocent eyes, that vacant stare.

Move forward 6 months to this juvenile delinquent, er young dog, spawn of Satan. How could I say such horrible things about this dear, sweet young thing? Jaws of steel, industrial strength chewer she is. Sofas, leather chairs and an occasional cat quake in her presence.And the "dear, sweet, young thing" has added another victim to her list. What you may ask?

The UCB cable for my digital camera. I guess one night when I was typing away and the JD (see above) was or appeared to be sleeping blissfully at my feet under the desk with the computer cables, the little wench was actually gnawing away. No doubt in payback for some imagined sin on my part!

So it will be awhile before you see those photos. And I will spend my time searching Ebay for the best bargain on the needed part.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zip went July and now here's August!

My humble apologies for lagging so far behind. I can give reasons, not excuses, but that is besides the point. For two and one half weeks of July we had a lively house. The first week our son Geoff and his family came with daughter Annie's oldest Emily in tow. We took the sailboat to Lake Mendocino for a day, went to the coast for a day and just sort of hung out the remainder of the time.

I drove to Fresno after the first crew left and picked up Claire, Annie's 8 y.o. making her first solo trip to visit. We pretty much repeated the activities from the first visit but Claire and I added a day in San Fransisco. We spent about 4 hours the museum and aquarium in Golden Gate Park http://www.calacademy.org/. We then took a drive down Lombard St. http://www.sftravel.com/lomabardcrookedstreet.html  and Claire wasn't too impressed with that as she "thought it would go on and on and on." Lastly Gammie bit the bullet and we did the major tourist scene at Pier 39 http://www.pier39.com/index.cfm having a nice dinner at restaurant there with a view of the famous sea lions http://www.pier39.com/Attractions/index.htm .

Annie came up on the Amtrak the last Sunday and was able to stay over two nights. So we all went to Lake Mendocino with the boat again for a day. Everyone had a blast including Ari who is so hardwired for swimming it is amazing. Before anyone post about the lead - it is quite long and we are very careful with her. Until she is a bit older we keep her on lead at all times.

So what you may ask what am I doing now that everyone is gone? I work 2-3 days a week at the Vet. clinic still. At home there is much to do this time of the year. So far I have put up two batches of Bread and Butter pickles and one batch of carrots. I have tomatoes to tackle next. Our weather was cool and wet so late into the year the tomatoes are just beginning to get ripe. I anticipate that they will all ripen at the same time and I will find myself in the kitchen putting up allot of those.

Sorry about the lack of photos but when the kids and grandbebes were here I got very few photos. I just wanted to take the time to enjoy them. The few I got are still on the camera and I will take them off soon.

Trust your summer is going well and life is wonderful for you and yours!

Friday, June 11, 2010

It' showtime and other stuff

Last weekend (6-4 to 6-6) I spent in the lovely village of Ferndale. Um , wait, let us correct that - last weekend I spent the weekend on the fairgrounds of the lovely village of Ferndale www.victorianferndale.com/ and the only time I saw Ferndale was hauling in and out. But it is lovely!

My dear friend Donna and I went to the Humboldt Co. Dairy Goat Club show there. I must say the grounds were nice, the showers came clean and with unlimited hot water (every goat persons dream) and the host club was friendly, efficient and hard working.

It was a kick back show for us. We each brought 2 dry yearlings and Donna brought her 2 y.o. buck DRD Adhamh Patrick. Red is the sire of my crop of Nubian kids this year and a fine crop they are. We opted to clean up the livestock trailer and sleep in it. Donna has this incredible bed that inflates with the help of a truck battery and converter to a queen size 2 foot off the ground real live bed. Now add to that a portable DVD player with CD's and you can say Best Western eat your heart out!

Chef Donna cooked both mornings  my home grown (or is that laid) eggs with fried potatoes, onions and toast. I got the hang of camp coffee (it has been awhile) and we had a blast. Thank God for the Boy Scout troop running the concession stand as we forgot the catsup and I made a nice donation for some at the window.

Did I fail to mention the wine that was sipped while propped up against the Circle J head board while enjoying Thelma and Louise and the Bucket List. Of course I need to fess up to being grateful that we had both seen these movies before. Between a 12 hours show day on Saturday and traveling and settling in on Friday we both nodded off not far into either flick.

But it was worth it. Donna's dry does and mine got some lessons in show etiquette and Red got 2 legs towards the 3 he needs to be a permanent champion like Dad Patrick was. This line is from the Hidden Meadows herd and Donna has built over the last 10 years a lovely herd. I feel lucky to have quads from Red  even though I only got 1 doe in the 4.  

We both entered the cheese competition and I was lucky enough to get 1st place soft cheese and Best in Show. I have been making cheese for 20 years and my dream is still to become legal and do artisan goat cheese on a small scale. So this was a real treat for me. The judges were a commercial cheese producer and a chef.

My doeling Raz-ma-taz by Red.

To the right home sweet home for the weekend and Chef Donna doing her thing.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What is this cat looking at?

This is Monkee. Monkee came to us from the Central California SPCA about 5 years ago when I worked there as the vet. tech in the stray building. So what is it that has captivated his attention at the kitchen window for about two hours this morning while I quilted?
"The Squirrel" is planning his/her daily assault on one of the wild bird feeders on our deck. In the last week or so this guy/gal has become very brave and has no problem dancing about on the deck or even sitting in a chair at the table outside.
Once again "scored" at the expense of the many wild birds in our area. And just when the cold, wet weather was settling back in.

Can it be mid May?

The calender on the wall says May 19th. The view outside the office window says winter. Rain, cooler temperatures and more rain. Even for our neck of Nor. Cal this is rather unusual and if we do indeed wake up to 35 degree weather later this week it is more than unusual. I won't complain we can still use the water.

A blush of Spring came my way just before Mother's Day from my son and his family. The lovely azalea plant brightens up the funky, cloudy days in my office. I catch a glimpse of it every time I walk past the paned glass office door where it sits sequestered behind the closed door to protect it from a "cat"astrophic event. With 6 house cats plants of any ilk are subject to ingestion. Much more enjoyable knowing both lovely plant and cats are protected from sudden demise.

On Sunday last Tassels produced our last kid of the season. A lovely strawberry blond doe with a set of waddles just like Mom. She is cute and very feminine with almost a white face, not unlike a little Hereford calf, but much smaller in size. And I am sure her mother is grateful for that! Photos to come after next trip to the barn.

 The view off the deck two mornings ago about 6 a.m. with the sun climbing over the mountains to the East as the clouds were creeping in from the West just prior to a full day of rain on Monday. Didn't have a sunrise today-clouds came in before the sun got up today and then the rain.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Sunday

Today is Mother's Day Sunday.  Mother's Day is quieter than it used to be in years past. Before our children were born it was dinner at my in-laws and truly after children it didn't change much from that. The first change came when my dear mother in law passed 15 years ago. So we entered into the next step of life being parents of adult children who popped over for holidays and birthdays . Not too long after that we entered the next phase the adult children brought smaller versions of themselves with them. 

Then a bit further down the line we took the biggest plunge and moved away from family. Only 350 miles mind you but far enough that those hastily planned weekends at Grammie's and Grandpa's  were no longer. There were now week longs that take planning ahead and many hours of driving one way or synchronizing watches and meeting half way in Stockton to pick up those smaller versions or drop them off again. That part made me kind of know what it must feel like to have a shared parenting plan courtesy of divorce. I don't think I would like it, but my daughter does it  weekly albeit not as much distance and I don't know how she manages without her babies during the week they are with her ex-husband. 

I am grateful for cell phones, texting, email and the like. For as much as I feel this world is spinning way too fast and more often than not out of control, technology is a blessing! Those priceless calls with a chorus of girlish giggles on my voice mail have made more than one day for me. It is also nice to hear my children, the news of promotions, broken toilets ,dead cars, trips to the ER for the second time in a week for stitches all keep me up to speed and in the loop. 

So this Mother's Day Sunday is very quiet. The house is filled with the scent of beans and ham hocks slow cooking away. Dough for homemade tortilla's sits in plastic wrap gently aging to perfection. Magic Cookie Bars cool on the tile counter in the blue and white kitchen while a young deer leaps the back fence in the yard below the deck to follow her mother. There will be calls made and cards received. And even tho we are separated by miles we are attached by the heart.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A year's worth of surprise

We are off to see the wizard! This is the humble beginning of a quilt for my dear daughter for her 33 rd birthday. 
And this raises some serious questions. Such as how did I get to the point I have a 33 year old daughter? Wasn't she just 2? And why has it taken me a year to get it together? Well I guess if we follow this humble blog in reverse we could find a completely  logical explanation for at least one of those questions.
The quilt is a combination of her loves Wizard of Oz and the pattern is from a book called State Fair Quilts and is the Carousel quilt. Since Annie loved the carousel at the county fair where she exhibited her lovely Toggenburg Dairy goats in 4-H this seemed to be an appropriate combination.

Now just promise you won't say a word to her because she won't be gifted until June.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Berrie's Big Adventure

"About time you heard us we would like to go into the barn please, getting a bit too rainy and cold for our liking."
"Kids, kids stay together now that may well be a predator garden hose, one never knows!" We all know how cautious Nubian's are.  And look they made it past the garden hose and the hanging basket. Well done Berrie and family.

Made it into the barn but another new obstacle in the way. Not new pen but formerly empty. Now filled with possible Nubian eating LaManchas. Oh bother, we all know LaManchas only eat Nubian ears out of jealousy!

"Finally, good job kids we are safe now . At least until tomorrow when we have to do it all over again. "

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Catch up !

As much as I admire many other blogs for the their creativity , etc The Pioneer Woman , Hooves and Hounds, Farmer's Daughter to name a few, I am afraid that my blog will remain a chronicle of day to day living. A virtual diary as it were. I don't ever seem to find much time in the day to do blog type stuff or perhaps I am just not of that ilk. So here it is read it  and weep or laugh, it is nice to know that others get a giggle or a tear out of life here at Walnetto Farm.

We had kids on Saturday the first LaManchas born this year. The Nubian kids of a previous blog are almost 8 weeks old. Berrie their dam is just about at the "if I have to spend one more day in this pen with these children I will scream" stage. They all go out during the day to a larger area and it is a hoot to watch the four kids trailing behind Mom like ducklings heading for their day out or night trip back to the safety of the barn. I will make an attempt to remember my camera tonight to get a picture for this blog. Ears flying , leaping like tiny reindeer they are a sight for sure. I often think they resemble a field trip with group of 5 year olds and I am tempted to attach name tags and give them a length of yarn to grasp so they won't get out of line!

Only 1 more doe to kid this year another LaMancha due in mid May. I bred very few this year anticipating moving by now but with the escrow ending in no sale we are now once again playing the waiting game. So this marks the least amount of kids born on the farm in years. But with less comes more and I will be going to a few shows this year the first one next month in Red Bluff, not far from where we are moving and I am really looking forward to it. Oh and when I get photos of the "field trip kids" I will get one of the new additions a buck and a doe with the boy looking just like his sire Walnetto-Farm NRKM Longfellow.

With all the updates I am now back at the clinic working 2 days a week. They called mid February and asked me to help fill in at front desk (reception) and some days in back as nurse. It is really different as I don't have the responsibility of being there daily and I appreciate that. So I will continue until we get relocated the extra $$$ are nice and I enjoy seeing the clients and their critters. My plan is still to begin a commercial artisan cheese production when we move. I will not give up the dream so if anyone out there knows of someone looking for a nice little spread in Mendocino Co. at a more then reasonable price have them look us up!

My girls came up over Easter vacation. Emily and Claire (now 11 and 8 ) the week before Easter. I love this photo of them in particular Claire on the right who has such a classic look about her in it. They love to knit and Em is getting pretty good on her own now. The girls are a study in genetics as Em looks very much like her Dad and Claire is identical to Annie, my daughter her Mom. I will never get over how it all comes together. As when we have all four girls together you can see the similarities and still the individuality.
Aubrey came the week after Easter and we enjoyed her very much. She is maturing fast, will begin Jr. High this Fall. I am sure her parents are thrilled about that prospect! The group photo from Christmas time last year in Fresno has Emily (the tallest of the bunch) Aubrey on the right (the oldest of them) Claire to the left and Genna pretty in pink.
We are getting more rain today and we are loving it. After rationing last year it is nice to have more and even tho we need another year or two like this to put an official end to the drought having an above average year is 
wonderful! The clouds last night were just begging to have their photo snapped. Off to the barn. Have a wonderful day!

Spring , always a good thing!

Well out of the dark has come light. To be accurate more like a 2000 watt bulb and here she is.

 Now don't let this sweet profile fool you. Under the soft English Setter puppy exterior lays the heart of a masterful, high energy canine!

As you can tell by the thoughtful pose the little vixen has assumed in the photo below. Casual to lure one into a false sense of security but all the while planning her next move to steal her way into your heart.
I am ignoring you because you are stating rude and unfair things about me, a small innocent puppy, well I never!  And she has progressed since these photos were taken about 2 months ago. She is now 5 months 
and full of it. A bit more doggie, the awkward adolesent stage is beginning. And she has discovered the water at the lake and the ocean. She is the only one of all the English we have had that has delighted in water somewhere other than in a dish. She hops like a rabbit and growls at it. Rolls over on her back and wiggles. Attracting much attention from the folks who have made the trip to Lake Mendocino to appreciate the wealth of water we have this year.

I will get some more recent photos of the "child" and make a good effort to update her progress in the months to come.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

And tonight we celebrate life!

I present Walnetto Farm Logan's Berrie and her 3 hour old kids. Two bucks and two does. Healthy, happy and just what we need!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kelsey 1/2004 - 1/2010
I thank you my "little dog" you came to do a job and when you were done you left for home.
You won my heart you saved my soul and you will always be my"best girl". 
God's speed Kelsey see you soon.

by Garth Brooks
Looking back on the memory of The dance we shared beneath the stars above For a moment all the world was right How could I have known you'd ever say goodbye And now I'm glad I didn't know The way it all would end the way it all would go Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain But I'd of had to miss the dance . Holding you I held everything For a moment wasn't I the king   But if I'd only known how the king would fall. Hey who's to say you know I might have changed it all. And now I'm glad I didn't know The way it all would end the way it all would go. Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain But I'd of had to miss the dance. Yes my life is better left to chance. I could have missed the pain but I'd of had to miss the dance.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bear with me please

I will continue my ramblings at a later date. For now I am begging off due to Kelsey in last post is very ill. She has a compressed cervical disc and since we cannot afford the 5-7K surgery we are working with her on bed rest and pain relief and sedation.

I can honestly say that at this point the out come is not rosy. We had the first acupuncture treatment yesterday and the next one is set for Wednesday. But today she is not doing well as she was yesterday. I really don't believe it was a lack of effectiveness from the acupuncture but the pace of the pressure shifting. I see small signs that she is better but more ataxic (think of a drunken snake walking) then before.

We are praying, wishing, hoping. This is my "little dog" well not little as she is 59.6 #. But I got her when I was in tech. school 6 years back and she is my "pick up truck" partner, my all around farm dog and damn nice companion. She got me through some very rough times in life when there were huge family issues. So I am doing what I can do while still allowing the thoughts that enough is enough and she will not be stripped of her dignity.

So good energy, prayers, thoughts, dpns whatever please send one up for this dog "my best girl" tonight. See you later.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm back

Where oh where to begin?

I guess an update on Miss. Sherry and Lobo is first up. Missy (as we call her) is doing fine. Sutures out and healing as we speak,er, type. Lobo is coming along nicely also and his foster mom Debi told me yesterday that he is getting a new collar as the one he had when first coming to them is too small. Yeah he is getting healthy and gaining weight. His ears are cleared up and he is wallowing in the luxury of having good care. Debi also shared that he greets her by talking to her and giving kisses. He still has more weight to gain and his treatment for heartworm but sooner than we know he will be ready for his forever home.

This entry may be discombobulated (is that how it is spelled?)! I guess my mind might work better if I began now and work back to Christmas.

This has been a tough month so far here at the farm. On Wednesday the 20th we sent Lexi our almost 14 y.o. English Setter (and our last) to the Bridge. We had spend a rough night before up with her and we were grateful that I had access to some serious drugs so we could keep her comfortable until Adian our vet came the next day.   I don't have a recent photo handy but Lexi was Micki's sister. They were both Blue Beltons and lovely show quality bitches with great personalities and very loving ladies. If you will remember Micki passed in the Fall preceded by Skittles our orange girl. We have had many English over the last 25 years and Lexi's passing leaves a huge hole in our hearts. Also in our home as when we moved to Mendocino Co. in 2006 we brought with us 8 dogs and we are now down to 2 Kelsey and Spinner.

That same day we had Adian assist Fannie our 10 year LaMancha doe , grandmother of almost every LaMancha doe in the barn, to the Bridge also. She had begun to go down after that intense arctic weather we had in December and just never bounced back. It was most certainly time for her to go where all good goats go. The photo above was taken two years back and is the last we have of her. Fannie earned her SG title from American Dairy Goat Assoc. which stands for superior genetics. We are very happy to have her three year old daughter Walnetto Farm Fannie's Lucky Penni in our herd along with many granddaughters sired by her son Walnetto Farm Nite Rider. Rest easy Fannie.

And if that all wasn't enough on Thursday I began to notice that Kelsey , 6 year old Border Collie/Aussie X, was beginning to exhibit subtle neurological symptoms. As they became more pronounced I called for an appointment with our vet. in Santa Rosa and on Saturday packed her and I into the truck and headed out down the hill. We spent 3 hours there with blood work, films, exam and so forth. The bloodwork is to be back today. And so far all results are negative for  anything from spinal myelopathy on down. She has been on Robaxin, Tramodol, Metacam plus herbals and seems to be doing better. We are hoping that she just tweaked something between the L3 to L7 doing something stupid with her barn cats. We are guardedly optimistic at this point in time. Photo from event two years ago with foxtail but she pretty much looks the same only no lampshade!

When getting ready for Christmas I managed to snap this photo of Tabby Tabby one of the barn cats. Evidently she was in a birdie mood that day.

Then Christmas happened and we weren't even looking for it. We didn't have a "real" tree this year as I was leaving the day after for the "Berg" and we had been working our fannies off to get the house in shape for a change of venue. Which reads "new relator" so we had a wonderful little tree that Geoffrey's Mom had in her collection. Made by someone unknown from New Jersey. Enough said!

That is all for now folks. It is getting late and I need to get supper going. More soon I promise. Stay tuned for the trip to the Berg and the big storm that will float California to ????

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Help needed

I have been very busy and with family. I promise a blog with lots of news this week. Right now we have a huge need for help with two of our rescues. I am the co-chair and a director of Great Pyrenees Rescue of Nor. Cal and I am putting out this link in hopes that those of you who depend on this awesome breed to protect your herds and flocks will help these two who have given all. http://www.gprnc.org/

I realize we are in a time where time and $$ are of little to spare. But please if you have ever had a livestock dog of any breed or a K-9 companion search your hearts and pockets to help these two. Miss Sherry was picked up by me on Tuesday last and fostered at our farm. Lobo is the epitome of a dedicated working dog while even starving continued to guard the flockless farm where he lived. IF NOT YOU , WHO????