Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Second day of September. Yesterday was Geoffrey's 62 birthday. Opps, how is this possible? Wasn't just yesterday that young, dashing fellow of 21 that stole my heart with the help of this horse?
Time does fly most surely. But on yesterday with his birthday dinner, homemade cheese cake and lovely graphite drawing of Walnetto (who our farm is named after) he was again 21. I promise photos of the lovely drawing good friends in Madera did as his gift at my request. They have three very talented daughters and I am always in awe when I request a gift in the form of artwork by them. Some women marry for $$ some for power and some for looks. Not this girl I married because of a 3/4 Quarter/1/4 Morgan trained for cutting/roping and pleasure. O.k. the guy who owned him wasn't half bad either!
So the new cable should show up soon and I can download allot of photos. And many of you may ask if Ari will be held financially responsible for it? Not this time but next time I may sell all her kibble for cost of what she chews.      

Today was hodgepodge day. Errands, trip up the hill to visit a goat friend Karen Smith of Wingwood Farm   for a bit and check out how the pig I am purchasing from her is coming along. I also found a suitor for Razamataz my 6 month old Nubian doe. Will breed her after our trip in October to Fresno Fair. The granddaughters have been begging for a goat show so this is the best option. 
After visiting with Karen, who is always fun to be with, I headed to the Dr. for an adjustment. Hip was out and causing a good deal of discomfort. Now all is well again and should remain that way until I unload the next load of alfalfa. Someday I may realize I am getting too old to do that. But until then I have my great Dr. to put stuff back where it belongs!  

Have a wonderful evening and may Fall come soon to your part of the woods!       

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