Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bee Move In Progress

I have been checking on the bee's daily. By Thursday at night fall they had calmed down and appeared to be accessing the hive and settling in. On Friday morning at day break there was no activity yet and this didn't cause me worry as the temperature was only 42 degrees. On checking back mid morning the hive was a buzz and the bees were making "pollen gathering missions" on a regular basis.

This morning before heading to work I checked the hive again a bit after sunrise. We have had warmer temperatures the last two days and the activity was increased. I began to quietly gather up some of the older frames and took them up the hill to the barn.

At work I spoke with Marie, both she and Katrina were busy Friday and through this weekend with the local   Sol Fest   
So they won't be able to return until next week with the self feeder and some input as to if the space we have chosen is the best for the bees. Geoffrey has already planned a bee lean to so to speak and is wanting to get it started. There is much to do at the farm in the Fall and we also need to get a brooder going for the chicks that will arrive sometime next month.

Thanks to Ramil and Treasure Evermore for their visits and comments. Now it is time for bed as it has been a long day. More bee business to come!

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