Thursday, September 30, 2010

More on our food supply.

MetroFarm Online  

Food has always been of a large concern to me. From the time our children were born and before. Yes I have popped a high anti foaming agent laden Chicken McNugget on past occasions and no I am not the paragon of  virtue in food choices.

Each year we grow more of our own food. Each year we buy more from people whose face is across the table from us at farmers markets. And each year we try to live more simply, more honestly and use less, waste less and share more.

This journey has lead us from being vegetarians to meat eaters and back again. We try to make our diet one that our body dictates.  And as we age we find our bodies need less in portion size and even less in number of meals a day.

I like feeling good and I live feeling good about the choices my family makes to build a cleaner, safer world for ours and others children and grandchildren.  So this link is my one little addition to our food awareness for the day. Set your goals to not be overwhelming, do your homework and we can make change occur. You need to make the change, you need to make the difference. If not you who?

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