Sunday, September 26, 2010


In the days past from our busy bee activities there have been episodes of swarming. Katrina's hive split not once but twice and swarmed. So did Marie's. Then today a call from a friend who had a neighbor who had a swarm in their Crepe Myrtle tree. So who did I call ? My bee mentors of course. Katrina was otherwise occupied but Marie came to the rescue.
 The swarm above in the tree. It had been there about one week according to the Olsen's.                                                                                                                                                                      
The Olsen's and Marie while she explains her plan of action. When bee's swarm they gorge themselves on the honey stores, which often leaves the swarm lazy and full. Therefore an easy target to take command of.
Our swarm was eager to jump into the box after Marie gave them a gentle brushing. But not for long. They entered and swarmed again at least twice while we were there.
Finally Marie decided that the best plan of action was to let the swarm and box sit tight until sunset. The light and the mild breeze was not helping our cause.

This all took place at about 4 PM today. At 7 ish I got a call from Marie advising me that she had gone back to the Olsen residence and the bees had swarmed again onto a branch on a nearby Redwood tree. Mr. Olsen gave Marie the go ahead to clip away the branch therefore securing the swarm and she proceeded to take them back with her to the Frey ranch where Marie resides.
The bees will need feeding through the winter since they don't have the needed amount of honey at the ready to survive a winter. The Olsen's gracefully offered to help with the cost of keeping them in feed and Geoffrey and I will help where needed.

Considering the plight of honey bees around the globe I am going to bed feeling very good about this !

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