Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Sunday

This Sunday was meant to be turning cream,making ice cream, trimming goat feet , fiber play, etc. It turned unexpectedly into "let's go to the beach". And we did!  Geoffrey tossed together a lovely picnic lunch and away we went.

Couldn't have asked for a better day of it. We searched for seals (this is the same beach that Donna and I were at a few blogs ago) but with high tide they were out filling their bellies. Or perhaps due to seasonal changes migrating to parts unknown but to seals.

I got in a huge chunk of time communing with the sea and earth, Geoffrey pursued his reading of "The Shack" and we both caught much needed naps. So on to the photos!

Now you may have wondered about the
Cheetos photos. At lunch we attracted a copious amount of seagulls. Geoffrey discovered that with appropriate place Cheetos and an infinite amount of patience they would actually come up and retrieve them from the various appendages. Must be a guy thing!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Busy Sunday

I hope God is resting because Geoffrey and I haven't been! We are truly thankful for a lovely not too warm day to go about daily farm business.

I  turned about 5 gallons of milk this morning and was rewarded with 1/2 gallon of lovely cream. Now to try my hand at some cottage cheese and sour cream. I love my 100 + year old hand crank cream separator. It is from Montgomery Wards , Monkey Wards for those of us who grew up in the '50s. Anyway she is truly a work horse and has never let me down.

I then turned the fleece I washed yesterday to continue drying in hopes that I will get a chance to do some picking and carding before I have to go back to work on Tuesday. Then headed off up the hill to Dave's Haybarn to buy what else? The prices are down to almost what I was paying when I began in goats about 25 years ago. The quality isn't quite what it was.

When I got home Geoffrey had moved and arranged allot of the furniture he had brought back from his Mom's house in Cayucos and the place looks rather snappy. Nothing like a new dress to make one feel good about one's self.  We unloaded and stacked 30 bales of 125# each and I feel now like it is time for a nap or ?

I am including some photos I took yesterday. A couple of some beautiful clouds , the other barn cat Tabby Tabby, the small pond in front (when we get moved I hope to have a large pond with waterfowl and such)and the door to the barn. The colors of the trees just appealed to me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

corrections to last post

Now there is a title for ya!  Just wanted to ID the photos in the last post. The white kitty is Snowy River one of two barn cats. The open area with the "Dixie Chicks" penned behind it is the hay storage area ready for me to haul a new supply of hay on Sunday. Now there is an ongoing cycle for you. In one end of goat and out the udder!

The apples will be applesauce to go with marinated pork tenderloin a la Julia Child and potato latkes. May my great-great grandfather a Bohemian Jewish Rabbi forgive but latkes and applesauce go so well with pork. Stay tuned to see if I am struck down with lighting.

Last but not least the jars of tomatoes and grape jelly from the wild grapes and Geoffrey's organic garden.

The inside barn shot is my squeaky clean window that one could hardly see out of before today. I think that is all for now oh, I will add a few shots of house kitties now. Left top is Monkee and Sydney next to them is Rachel Syd's sister. Then below center is PT (patient termination) because as a small kitten she survived the euthanasia  area at the shelter in central cal. Names are left out to protect the guilty.

Day 2 of 5

Catchy title no?

I have 5 days off beginning yesterday and just finished day two. It is a welcome rest as I just came off 9 days in a row. In any profession that is exhausting, in one that deals heavy in human emotion and health care, it sometimes plays out even larger than life.

I spent day 1 with the new Doc. Adian McNeil at my place bleeding my does for CAE testing.http// Then went into the clinic to gather up supplies to do a home euthanize for a client who has lost several friends this year. Then some errands and home.

Day 2 began with canning. Well after milking that is. Put up grape jelly from our own grapes here and then 6 quarts of tomatoes from the late summer garden that I couldn't bear to leave to rot. Then on to the barn for some cleaning and such. By days end I was hot, sweaty, popped and totally happy!

I am off to feed myself. Geoffrey will be home from Cayucos tomorrow. Gone for 4 days. I miss him.