Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 2 of 5

Catchy title no?

I have 5 days off beginning yesterday and just finished day two. It is a welcome rest as I just came off 9 days in a row. In any profession that is exhausting, in one that deals heavy in human emotion and health care, it sometimes plays out even larger than life.

I spent day 1 with the new Doc. Adian McNeil at my place bleeding my does for CAE testing.http// Then went into the clinic to gather up supplies to do a home euthanize for a client who has lost several friends this year. Then some errands and home.

Day 2 began with canning. Well after milking that is. Put up grape jelly from our own grapes here and then 6 quarts of tomatoes from the late summer garden that I couldn't bear to leave to rot. Then on to the barn for some cleaning and such. By days end I was hot, sweaty, popped and totally happy!

I am off to feed myself. Geoffrey will be home from Cayucos tomorrow. Gone for 4 days. I miss him.

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