Monday, August 31, 2009

A camping/Dressaging we will go!

My dear friend and goat enabler Donna and I went over to Fort Bragg,_California and up to our campsite at MacKerricher on Saturday morning. I must say "we did good". Great campsite and view of the ocean, in fact the only campsite with an ocean view.

We pitched camp and then headed down to Santa Rose for DRESSAGE IN THE WINE COUNTRY. I believe you can link to it in a previous blog. Several wine tastings later accompanied by great snacks brought by Michelle B. and ourselves we watched the exhibition unfold. The highlight had to be the gal who was retiring her 20 something old mare from the circuit and preformed to late 50's early 60's music wearing her 1960 prom dress. They were awesome!!

We than left about 8:15 and headed out for fuel and the 2.5 hour trip home to camp. When we went through Sebastopol,_California we got entrapped in the largest DUI check point I have ever seen. Thankful we drove on after a pleasant exchange with a nice Sheriffs deputy.

Going up Highway 1 added about 30 minutes to the drive but was worth it as the moon was half full and danced on the Pacific all the way home. We encountered a multitude of deer and cows in the road. Much to my dismay no photos of that adventure as there were no turn outs along the way to accommodate any digital documentation.We got home about midnight and quietly collapsed into our tent.

Sunday morning found us up and about at 8 a.m. I can't remember the last time I slept that late! We tried to start our propane camp stove only to realize we were missing the male adapter for it to pierce the propane cartridge.Isn't that just the way-where are those male adapters when a girl needs one?! So Donna pulled out her "Sierra high country" camping resources and we had a yummy breakie of fresh farm eggs, bacon and skillet toast over the open fire pit.

We then showered and about 11 a.m. high tailed it into town to the
for coffee and searching for the lost male part for the stove. Great coffee but no part so we ambled down to Caspar for the Crafts/Music festival
Where Donna purchased a Cedar wand for purging any thing negative on her land. There were allot of interesting characters in attendance and we arrived just in time for the Gorse Monster parade through the festival.

After about an hour of checking out every vendor and exhibit and listening to a few bands we ambled down to Mendocino. We ended up with luncher (late lunch, early dinner) at ://
with fish 'n chips and a shrimp basket. Yummy, oh did I mention some nice draft beer? Then on to the local candy shop , Papa Bear's Chocolate Haus, for some incredible hand made sweets for dessert.

We then headed back to camp where we walked the beach in both directions for about 90 minutes and met some wonderful seals. Then we built an amazing fire in the pit and had wine, beer, cheese, wonderful macaroni salad that Donna made for dinner. We hit the hay about 9-10ish and slept well. At least I did. Poor Donna was up and down all night with politely put , intestinal disorders. And then there was the raccoon raid on the provisions.

We were intending to have eggs, potatoes & onions, bacon again on Monday. Well guess what? The wild life joined the party and managed to get into the cooler. Stealing all the eggs, a bit of bacon and dumping the remainder of a bottle of homemade Blackberry wine, sigh. So *that* didn't happen!

We headed home over the northern route which is Branscomb Rd. that goes from Westport on the coast to Laytonville on 101. It passes through some amazing areas including the old Branscomb mill that was closed down about a year ago. We got home about 11 am , unpacked my truck and packed her truck. Loaded up my Nubians Berrie and daughter Pearl to go home with Donna for a "meet and greet" with one of her bucks and she was on her way.

So it is now Sunday the 6th. What took so long you say? Work, cranky back and neck, life in general. On Friday I womaned the Rescue table at the Great Pyrenees Club of Nor. Cal specialty show. I have photos of that still on the camera. For now I will try to get up some camping photos and then go feed the goats.

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