Friday, August 21, 2009

New life, new blog

Since the Blogger site will not allow me to access my old blog The Goat Barn I have decided to take that as a clue that with beginning a new life I need to have a new blog.

On my blog you will see photos of the "place". A lovely home on almost 6 acres with a barn, fencing and cross fencing that if all comes together (and I do believe it will) is to be our home. It is located in Palo Cedro , California. A sweet little town in Shasta county about 10 miles plus south east of Redding.

Our dear friends Dallas and Donna along with two of their grandchildren went along with Geoffrey and our realtor Russ on Wednesday August 12th to look at a laundry list of potential properties. They looked at the first 6 and Bradley , Donna's grandson, kept telling Geoffrey "nope not the one." Then they got to Palo Cedro (which means cedar wood) on Coloma Dr. (which means beautiful) and Brad came up to Geoffrey when they were looking at the barn , yanked on his shirt and said "this is the place."

Well Geoffrey agreed and plotted out an offer with Russ on the way back to Donna and Dallas' home. We all know this is the place, even the folks selling , were delighted with the possibility of us moving in. They are on their way to Arkansas with their llamas and sheep.

When Geoffrey went over for the home inspection/termite inspection on Wed. the 19th we stepped on the front porch/deck area and I realized on the trip home the feeling I got was one of someone warm and loving wrapping their arms around me saying "Welcome home, I have been waiting for you. What took you so long?"

It is such a gentle,peacefilled property. The home is beautiful and has been well loved by Michael and Marilyn during their stay. Now the count down is on for the folks who have made an offer on ours get their business in order so we can all go to our homes. They too are wonderful folks who will bring two young girls with them. This house we live in has needed children since we moved in and before.

If all goes as prayed for we will be leaving here in late Oct. or early Nov. The last three years have been an amazing journey and such a palate for learning. Geoffrey and I are stronger together then the day we were married 38 years ago. I have learned patience, contentment and grown spiritually in huge bounds. I look forward to more growth, a new beginning and a life that will not be perfect but bountiful!

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  1. Terry, your post about your new home brought tears to my eyes! What a beautiful place! Wishing you the best, Erin in Sacramento