Saturday, July 23, 2011

Support needed

Please go to my Facebook page (link to the right on home page) and send your positive thoughts, energies and prayers. We are not in the habit of shouting out to the world to help us help ourselves but we need all the help we can get on this! Thanks.

Friday, July 8, 2011

We aren't in June anymore Toto!

Time just keeps on keeping on. We had our last doe of the year kid on Saturday last with two does Liberty and Justice. They are most certainly lovely but then I am barn blind .Liberty is on the bottom with the white belly band. Topside is Justice a bit dirty white but as she grows will have more of her sisters caramel coloring I think. They are both quite spoiled (that is their job) and adored!

We had a bit of an interesting time span with Tawny who freshened in mid June with twin bucks not a week after kidding had a infection of some sort. We treated her with herbals and some traditional and she finally came round. Two weeks after recovering from that she decided to give her best impression of the HMS Titanic and had a whooping case of bloat. Crusty old girl she is recovered and has gone on to be fine. The one draw back is the back to back events left her milk poor so I am supplementing them several times a day. That is just fine as it gives me a break and some fun watching them be boy goat kids doing boy goat things.

The days are getting cooler after a week plus of high 90's to l00 degree weather. It does cool off at night nicely. Which never happened in Fresno so when it was hot it was hot. In fact we are to be in the 80's in the next few days . Which will be a treat for us and our three oldest granddaughters who are coming up to visit next Wednesday for a week.
I am so looking forward to it. They are growing up so fast with Aubrey being 13 now , Emily 12 and Claire 9. I don't know where the time has gone. But it went! We will have a trip to the coast and entertain ourselves with small things. Like swimming at the river, trips to local parks , making ice cream, eating ice cream and feeding baby goats! The girls can work on their knitting skills and I have dusted off the board games.

I will leave you with the photo above of Helen. Doing what cats do best. She fell asleep on the mantel right under the sky light. Looking quite angelic but she is a calico so don't let that fool you.