Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cool Sunday Morning

It was a lovely cool night and morning here. A bit of coastal fog floated over the hills and gave us a very ocean feel. Nice to have for the people but the critters are suffering from change of weather complaint. The kids all have runny noses right now , clear thankfully , from the high daytime temps and the very cool night temps. Quick pneumonia is always a worry this time of the year so I do a good check every morning when I go out to feed and milk.

Geoffrey is returning from Cayucos today. We have a family beach house that is on the market and has required his time this summer to clean out his Mom's things and get it ready to market. It is the last of the trust and after the sale he and his brother will be done with it all. Kinda sad that it is leaving the family. They bought it the year Geoff was born in '74, but we are too far away to use it , our kids are closer but in the end it is a better thing to sell it. Expensive to maintain someplace that will rarely be used and we don't want to get into the beach house rental business.

I am going to give this house a good cleaning today and dry some yummy plums from our tree in my new dehydrator. Already did apples last weekend and they turned out very nicely. I may get some knitting in on a sweater I am making for Geoffrey. Just my standard top down affair with some nice heather yarn from Ancient Pathways in the Berg.

A few more misc. photos for you all to enjoy. Great Expectations on the right from the rear. Yes he is long and level! The doe kid at top is Spring she is a keeper and sweet. The snow scene is from a few years back and the sun rise from this past Spring.

Donna and I are going to go camping next wkend at MacKerricher We are also going to Dressage in the Wine Country so it should be a great wkend. I haven't been camping since the 2006 Mendocino Co. Fair goat show. Will take camera and get some photos for the blog.

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