Friday, September 18, 2009

corrections to last post

Now there is a title for ya!  Just wanted to ID the photos in the last post. The white kitty is Snowy River one of two barn cats. The open area with the "Dixie Chicks" penned behind it is the hay storage area ready for me to haul a new supply of hay on Sunday. Now there is an ongoing cycle for you. In one end of goat and out the udder!

The apples will be applesauce to go with marinated pork tenderloin a la Julia Child and potato latkes. May my great-great grandfather a Bohemian Jewish Rabbi forgive but latkes and applesauce go so well with pork. Stay tuned to see if I am struck down with lighting.

Last but not least the jars of tomatoes and grape jelly from the wild grapes and Geoffrey's organic garden.

The inside barn shot is my squeaky clean window that one could hardly see out of before today. I think that is all for now oh, I will add a few shots of house kitties now. Left top is Monkee and Sydney next to them is Rachel Syd's sister. Then below center is PT (patient termination) because as a small kitten she survived the euthanasia  area at the shelter in central cal. Names are left out to protect the guilty.

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