Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring , always a good thing!

Well out of the dark has come light. To be accurate more like a 2000 watt bulb and here she is.

 Now don't let this sweet profile fool you. Under the soft English Setter puppy exterior lays the heart of a masterful, high energy canine!

As you can tell by the thoughtful pose the little vixen has assumed in the photo below. Casual to lure one into a false sense of security but all the while planning her next move to steal her way into your heart.
I am ignoring you because you are stating rude and unfair things about me, a small innocent puppy, well I never!  And she has progressed since these photos were taken about 2 months ago. She is now 5 months 
and full of it. A bit more doggie, the awkward adolesent stage is beginning. And she has discovered the water at the lake and the ocean. She is the only one of all the English we have had that has delighted in water somewhere other than in a dish. She hops like a rabbit and growls at it. Rolls over on her back and wiggles. Attracting much attention from the folks who have made the trip to Lake Mendocino to appreciate the wealth of water we have this year.

I will get some more recent photos of the "child" and make a good effort to update her progress in the months to come.

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