Saturday, April 24, 2010

A year's worth of surprise

We are off to see the wizard! This is the humble beginning of a quilt for my dear daughter for her 33 rd birthday. 
And this raises some serious questions. Such as how did I get to the point I have a 33 year old daughter? Wasn't she just 2? And why has it taken me a year to get it together? Well I guess if we follow this humble blog in reverse we could find a completely  logical explanation for at least one of those questions.
The quilt is a combination of her loves Wizard of Oz and the pattern is from a book called State Fair Quilts and is the Carousel quilt. Since Annie loved the carousel at the county fair where she exhibited her lovely Toggenburg Dairy goats in 4-H this seemed to be an appropriate combination.

Now just promise you won't say a word to her because she won't be gifted until June.

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