Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Sunday

Today is Mother's Day Sunday.  Mother's Day is quieter than it used to be in years past. Before our children were born it was dinner at my in-laws and truly after children it didn't change much from that. The first change came when my dear mother in law passed 15 years ago. So we entered into the next step of life being parents of adult children who popped over for holidays and birthdays . Not too long after that we entered the next phase the adult children brought smaller versions of themselves with them. 

Then a bit further down the line we took the biggest plunge and moved away from family. Only 350 miles mind you but far enough that those hastily planned weekends at Grammie's and Grandpa's  were no longer. There were now week longs that take planning ahead and many hours of driving one way or synchronizing watches and meeting half way in Stockton to pick up those smaller versions or drop them off again. That part made me kind of know what it must feel like to have a shared parenting plan courtesy of divorce. I don't think I would like it, but my daughter does it  weekly albeit not as much distance and I don't know how she manages without her babies during the week they are with her ex-husband. 

I am grateful for cell phones, texting, email and the like. For as much as I feel this world is spinning way too fast and more often than not out of control, technology is a blessing! Those priceless calls with a chorus of girlish giggles on my voice mail have made more than one day for me. It is also nice to hear my children, the news of promotions, broken toilets ,dead cars, trips to the ER for the second time in a week for stitches all keep me up to speed and in the loop. 

So this Mother's Day Sunday is very quiet. The house is filled with the scent of beans and ham hocks slow cooking away. Dough for homemade tortilla's sits in plastic wrap gently aging to perfection. Magic Cookie Bars cool on the tile counter in the blue and white kitchen while a young deer leaps the back fence in the yard below the deck to follow her mother. There will be calls made and cards received. And even tho we are separated by miles we are attached by the heart.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you are having an awesome May week and have fun plans for the weekend.