Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bear with me please

I will continue my ramblings at a later date. For now I am begging off due to Kelsey in last post is very ill. She has a compressed cervical disc and since we cannot afford the 5-7K surgery we are working with her on bed rest and pain relief and sedation.

I can honestly say that at this point the out come is not rosy. We had the first acupuncture treatment yesterday and the next one is set for Wednesday. But today she is not doing well as she was yesterday. I really don't believe it was a lack of effectiveness from the acupuncture but the pace of the pressure shifting. I see small signs that she is better but more ataxic (think of a drunken snake walking) then before.

We are praying, wishing, hoping. This is my "little dog" well not little as she is 59.6 #. But I got her when I was in tech. school 6 years back and she is my "pick up truck" partner, my all around farm dog and damn nice companion. She got me through some very rough times in life when there were huge family issues. So I am doing what I can do while still allowing the thoughts that enough is enough and she will not be stripped of her dignity.

So good energy, prayers, thoughts, dpns whatever please send one up for this dog "my best girl" tonight. See you later.

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