Sunday, January 10, 2010

Help needed

I have been very busy and with family. I promise a blog with lots of news this week. Right now we have a huge need for help with two of our rescues. I am the co-chair and a director of Great Pyrenees Rescue of Nor. Cal and I am putting out this link in hopes that those of you who depend on this awesome breed to protect your herds and flocks will help these two who have given all.

I realize we are in a time where time and $$ are of little to spare. But please if you have ever had a livestock dog of any breed or a K-9 companion search your hearts and pockets to help these two. Miss Sherry was picked up by me on Tuesday last and fostered at our farm. Lobo is the epitome of a dedicated working dog while even starving continued to guard the flockless farm where he lived. IF NOT YOU , WHO????


  1. this is off the post subject, but WELCOME! Hope to see you at Maple Valley off-grid farm blog again!

  2. sure do wish i could adopt one of those dogs! where are you living now? did you move?