Saturday, May 21, 2011

Journey beginning or ending

When one sets off in life it is always difficult to know if one is actually going or coming. When we left the central valley in 2006 for Mendocino County it was an adventure. Geoffrey and I always said that we would "run away". Well perhaps the running away time is for youth or not.

This county is lovely and has much to offer. But alas it was not long before we figured out it was not where we were to be planted. So long story short we are in year three of having our house on the market. We are having an open house tomorrow so we have both spent three long days tending house and yard to make the place shine like a new penny.

It is time and then some for us to leave. Time for this house to have those who are intended, not just place keepers, living in it. So this is a request from anyone who reads this post. Prayers, energy, begging whatever works for you will work for us. It is time to move on. Not back to the central valley but to the north valley where friends and our forever home on this earth await us. Your thoughts are appreciated to bring us a buyer and a swift start to our new journey.

And yes, the goats are going too.

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  1. How's it going at your place? You're thought of often and tucked into prayer.