Sunday, October 23, 2011

Been a long time coming

Well if any of you have made it until now I will share with you the new farm. In 1.5 weeks we will be living at the Log House on Ash Creek. We will be off grid and starting from scratch. Temporary everything but house and solar/well house. It is a blessing from God, a dream so long dreamed. A place where we can house children and grandchildren if the future brings that. We have 42.34 acres. Be still my heart! I see goats, sheep, horses. I see a grade A milk barn and a cheese room. I see bliss, peace, love and we will finally after 5 years of lessons, lose and heartache-I see home.

Stay tuned. May not be frequent at first but new things are happening!


  1. thank you! the Lord has blessed us in so many ways.

  2. wow wow wow! i would LOVE to be off grid... and your house is so beautiful! i've been reading about houses built partially into the ground for better climate control, etc... it's really interesting... but i don't know that my husband would go for it! i'd love to have a cabin like yours though!

    enjoy your wonderful new home and surroundings!