Saturday, November 5, 2011

Moving day #1

Well they came and went. The movers. So here I sit for at the least 3 more days until the girls and I leave. I am in good company even if the furnishings are rather sparse at this time. Geoffrey took four of the house cats and all my goldfish from our pond and left this morning. He is now home. I have Ari , 2 yo English Setter, two of the house cats we thought would make the transition better with me. Also all my does and doe kids and last but never least Spinner. And it is raining! But the Son was shinning for our family today we are so blessed to be off on our next journey!


  1. Once you get over the exhaustion (Ha!), I'm looking forward to pics and posts about the new place.

  2. Replies
    1. Dear Lady I am going to renew this blog slowly beginning now. Thank you for your sweet note.

  3. hmmm - did i read somewhere recently that you'd be getting back to blogging???? so... when will that be?