Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday Doings

We are having a cool, cloudy Saturday. The weather police tell us there may be some rain, which is good because it is better than drought but after almost 36 inches of it I am done. Wet weather encourages a wealth of muddy baby goat hoof prints on my jeans. Not one of my favorite side effects of muddy hooves. 

I searched and searched for kid feeders for the last week or two. Nothing appropriate or inexpensive enough. Geoffrey volunteered his services so today we (well he) hung two feeders that are just what I wanted and the price was right - sweat equity.  

Maggie Mae kid feeder test goat

PJ's girl and friend looking confused

Itsy's girl checking out the new "thing"
Finally all kidding pens taken down!
My two goat stand with the fold up ramps.

On the way back to the house I snapped a few photo's of this and that. Enjoy.
Bottle kids enjoying the day
Snowy River cat napping
The house dressing up for Spring
Love this volunteer Tulip!
Sitting area front porch I love porches


  1. Those are wonderful feeders; well done! We're having a lot of rain and hail last night; took out part of one of our old maples.

  2. My e-address is on my blog, upper left.