Sunday, July 8, 2012

This is Sherman

We knew when we bought 42 acres for our farm we would need more help on the livestock guardian front. Spinner is almost 12 and not in good shape, in fact we don't expect her to make it through the summer.
So I began a search for a puppy. It was beginning to look rather hopeless. No one had a litter yet or they were crosses not 100% Pyrenees. Not to be confused with being registered. We just wanted a dog that was all Pyr. After having four of our own and fostering or transporting close to 100 we are head over heals with the breed.
Finally the breeders who sold us Spinner as a pup had a male to offer. Evidently the first offer had to back out due to family issues. 

Enter Pompier Magical Mystery Tour aka Sherman. He was then old enough to leave Mom but we had a few things in our way fencing and barns still to finish.Then it rained and rained we got woefully behind. Finally the end of January things were a go and plans were made for me to travel to White Dog Ranch in Potter Valley  That was to be early February. But the trip was not to be I fractured my patella (knee cap) three days before the trip. So the four month old puppy waited some more, sigh. 

Finally in early May I got the go ahead from my Dr. and I made the three hour trip to the ranch bringing home Sherman. 
He bears a resemblance to Spinner when she was a pup. But he is his own dog. He is a bit of a rascal I attribute  that to the "boy' parts.
And did I mention ? He climbs. Despite our best efforts Sherman defeats us and climbs over just about everything.So for now we have tossed in the towel. 

Every afternoon about 1 - 2 p.m. he climbs out of the yearling pasture and cruises. He visits Geoffrey in the garage and then does a drive by Spinner.

 She has always been an alpha bitch but now with her physical issues she tolerates no nonsense and our young "bucket head" gets his face "eaten" and he then goes over to lie down with the senior does who go out foraging daily.

Part of our plan in getting this daily escape to come to a halt is giving him a partner. In a week to two weeks I will pick up a 3 month old female from a friend in Oregon. We have high hopes supplying him with a buddy will be helpful in curbing his daily climb overs. Spinner was very happy for about 6 years with her partner Kingston(below with Claire on left and Emmy on right)  until his untimely passing. Crossing all that dangles the adverse effect won't happen, he teaches her his tricks. We still have 5 strand barbed wire for perimeter fencing around all the 42 acres. Not exactly Pyr. fencing but it will be a bit before we can afford to fence the perimeter with 47" field fencing . So cross your fingers and dew claws for us that the cute young thing from the great state of Oregon turns this California boys head!

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