Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dairy Sunday

Today was day 4 of the URI assault. I am weathering it fairly well and have a bit more energy today but foresee several more days of R&R.

I am still working on the top down sweater for Geoffrey and since the cool weather is picking up my knitting time needs to as well so he will have it for this winter. I also began a new project for a friend as a thank you for how instrumental she has been in my spiritual journey.

The big event(s) today were Geoffrey making his famous 8 egg yolk, 1 quart whipping cream, 1 pint half/half, 1.75 cups raw sugar/vanilla /coffee flavor ice cream. We have called it cardiac arrest ice cream for years and made it frequently back in the Berg when the kids lived at home.

I gathered up 6 gallons of saved milk and produced some more Mozzarella and a round of Cheddar.That is the first hard cheese I have made in years. Hopefully I will get some more done before I begin to dry off the girls for the winter.

Couldn't resist doing some feline photos. What else would a self respecting cat do on a cool day but fine his/her place in the sun?

Very top photo is Chloe,Monkey,Boot Scoot and Molly doing the cat window version of 60's Volks Wagon Bug stuffing. Lower are Sidney and sister Rachel the newest rescue additions then Helen in what else? the laundry basket, how catty of her! Lastly is P.T. sunning her buns between the cat statues. Cats-gotta love them!

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