Friday, October 30, 2009

Changing of seasons

Today was the day that comes to us each Fall. The young does who will not be staying part of the herd go to the dairy about 70 miles south of us. It is a good place, run by a fellow who has a good heart and does all he can to make it work. But non the less it is not what these young ladies are used to.

So we pamper them with great alfalfa and a soft ride. A gentle loading and hugs all around. They are our children of the hoof and each will be missed. It is a wide new world on the dairy and I keep reminding myself on the ride down they are, after all, DAIRY goats.

It is with tenderness and the utmost respect we send these lovely young ones on their journey. As we do with the young men who we have no place for. And in their case we often times need to remind ourselves that there are worse things than death in life.

But it is seasonal. And the seasons of change have already begun with does being bred to give birth to the new young ones. The circle remains unbroken. Unlike my heart. Safe journey, good lives to you girls.

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  1. Yes indeed. For the first time this year w are facing the reality of butchering the excess kids. I'm not looking forward to it, but at least I know that they have all enjoyed a pretty darn good life for a goat right up until the last minute.