Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good - bye MAH

More change in life and change is not something I am good at. It bounces me all over the map - I like predictability, no surprises unless they are anticipated. No wonder I love raising dairy goats we share this in common.

Yesterday was my last day at the hospital. It has been just shy of 4 years of employment with them. I am amazed it has been that long already. Even though we have no planned moving date yet I have given allot of thought and prayer to this for many months. I became a vet. tech because of many reasons and I do love what I do. But calling strongly to me in thoughts and gentle whispers is a new journey.

What? Most certainly when the move to Palo Cedro is complete we will begin work on a certified milk room and cheese room and begin the journey of artisan goat cheese. I have made a variety of cheeses for about 20 years now for friends and family and been told I do pretty good at it. It will be a small venture with just a few specialty cheeses that will be marketed at Farmers Mkts. and perhaps a few select outlets.

What else? My dear friend Donna , her sister-in-law Nancy and I have a joint venture in mind. It is evolving as the days go on. More on that later when there is more concrete news to tell.

My co-workers and friends have asked "will you work in vet. med again?" Perhaps but not full time again. There is so much I will miss about it. But the whispers tell me there is so much ahead that I will not say "yes" but I will not say "never". Even though my career was short lived I feel I accomplished so much and was blessed to touch so many. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to those along the way who encouraged me down this path.

The work with Great Pyrenees Rescue of Nor. Cal will continue and critters of all species will continue to be a large part of my life. I can't imagine this not being so. So stay tuned I am just getting started!

Me and Murray an Irish Wolfhound.

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