Monday, November 23, 2009

A week of Thanksgiving

I make every attempt to make each day a thankful one. I have gotten much better the further along in my journey I am. Not perfect just a bit more ahead of where I was last year or even just yesterday.

I will begin this week of Thanksgiving with a huge thank you to Kat. Kat is my friend, she also happens to be a Master Herbalist and this is her link . Kat most kindly reminded me she would be my eternal friend the other day due to our commitment each in our own way to God and prayer. What I like the most about a spiritual journey is it is allot like raising goats. There are allot of ways and allot of words to get you where you need to be but the pathway isn't always the same but the end result is.

Anyway this is my story. One I never thought I would write or speak of because until this part of my journey I would never have done what it took to put a goat of mine in this situation. I leased out a buck, I have a closed herd , I don't lease. I have in 25 years heard horror stories about this act. But I did it, why isn't as important as the end result.

He came back to me a week ago Sunday. Three quarters dead, 60 pounds under weight, losing hair, eye injury. But it was not his time to die and he was despite all the external issues a solid individual. He has simply put been sublet and bred into a hole. Yes I did check him during the lease and yes until the day he returned he was in good condition when I saw him. But that is all beside the point.

To make this long story longer we , my husband, the lessee and I carried this guy into my barn with a sling. I started him on herbs, Kat's herbs. I also gave him lovely alfalfa hay and he ate darn near nonstop for the first week. As the days wore on I introduced grain, sunflower seeds and more herbs. The first week he got Cayenne tincture every 2 hours 12-14 hours a day.

He is becoming stronger and on Saturday last he sprayed again. Yeah, he knows he is a boy. He has a day pen by the does for company and at night goes into the barn in a kidding pen. When he is more advanced he will be transitioned to the buck barn. He needs a name as he was named by his lessee but it needs changing to help diminish the bad juju. He comes from fine stock. But for now he is just "Mr. Man".

So this Monday before Thanksgiving Mr. Man and I are saying "Thanks Kat" couldn't have done it without you!

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  1. Can I just say I like a larger number of animals than I do people. Some times I just shake my head, and wonder how can people do what they will to animals