Thursday, November 12, 2009

Week Two

I am into week two of not working outside the farm. And in a nutshell it is" WONDERFUL!" Could I say that louder? "WONDERFUL!"
Now that that is done may I also say I had a lovely time in the Redding/Red Bluff area over the weekend. I hadn't been to properly visit my dearest friend Donna in almost a year so 4 days there was great. The drive over was lovely.

Smooth going over the mountains to I5 and landed at Donna's a little before 1 p.m. We hot footed it over to Shasta College and began setting up for the North Valley Dairy Goat Assoc. first Goat Education Day.
We had allot of interesting speakers including Karen Senn , Dr. Joan D. Rowe DVM from UC Davis,Donna doing a cheese making class and Kat Drovdahl with her great presentation on herbs.Also present were Randy and Debi Carpadus of White Fire Great Pyrenees to talk about livestock guardian dogs. Dallas Robertson did a presentation on building a milk stanchion that will last over 25 years (both Donna and I have one that old) and there were several vendors.

That night we got back to Donna's and had a great dinner. Talked a bit with Kat and then we all hit the hay as 5 in the a.m. comes way too early even for farm girls.

Saturday was filled with the sights and sounds of the Education Day. The turnout was wonderful for a first year with well over 60 participants. Everything went pretty smooth considering we really had no idea what to expect.                                      

Top photo is view of raffle table and behind is Kat's booth. To the bottom left is the registration table in full swing.             

The next day Donna , Dallas and I crashed. Getting up late by farm girl standards 7 a.m. We had a great breakfast of eggs/bacon/fried potatoes and toast courtesy of Dallas and gallons of coffee. Donna and I left later and cruised around the area doing this and that. We ended up at my soon to be home in Palo Cedro and had a wonderful visit with Marilyn, Micheal and the llamas. Let us not forget Peanut the Border Collie who is way too sweet for my own good. We had great wine, goat cheese, crackers, salmon dip and the most incredible chocolate raspberry pie I have ever tasted. And yes folks it was just about all organic-let's hear it for Green! We went out and got nose to nose with the llamas and went home peaceful and full from the visit with our friends.

Monday we had another lazy morning, I could get used to this! And then I got the most incredible massage from Natalie in Red Bluff. I am still feeling really good from it. Natalie will be seeing me monthly after we get moved. Donna and I had lunch at a cute cafe in Red Bluff and then we went into Redding to run some errands. After which we got home and went up to a most sacred place on her land. It was so lovely and comforting to visit with the Ladies. Women of the  tribe indigenous to the area. Their spirit abounds on the land.
The house, goat  and horse barns below.          

 Below by the goat area along driveway.
 Come Tuesday morning I packed up , loaded up the two Nubian does Berrie and Pearl who had spent the last two months at Donna's being bred to her yearling boy Red. And then we were on our way to Redwood Valley. All the way over to Donna's I had such a strong sense of going home. On the way back my sense was that of leaving home , going to RV where my family (two and four legged are) but not going "home".

I passed a church on the way home that always has snippets on their announcement board by the highway. Many have rung a bell but Tuesday was more so in regards to our life in waiting for the move home. "Patience-is trusting in God's timing". Says it all. Below the view of Clear Lake on the way to Redwood Valley.

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