Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And when it comes

Life is so full of twists and turns. Mountain peaks and deep valleys.

We are a community of farmers, ranchers who share in common our daily acts of tilling the soil, tending the animals, producing products from those gifts that we are given. So no matter how far apart in miles we all are we are local. Common goals, life styles .

In the goat community it seems that the ties run deeper perhaps because in the large scheme of things we are small in the farming community. So those we know no matter how slightly or even just in passing become family by virtue of  a common love. Sometimes those ties run deeper, a family you see at shows, 4-H meetings, FFA or the neighbor down the street. Goat people are made of strong stuff, we hang together.

So when the news came today of the passing of one of our communities young ones it hit hard. This young man with his family and particularly his mother found great joy in breeding and caring for lovely Nubians. They never hesitated to help out another person and Travis was no exception. My last very vivid memory of him was as a lanky young man at the show in Madera helping my 7 year old granddaughter into their pen to smooze his Nubian kids.

And now in the blink of an eye he is flying with the angels. Sandy and Don have so much to be proud of in him and their heartbreak and loss is a whole communities. I trust they can take comfort in knowing that even as young as he was he left a legacy as a kind,gentle, person. Quick to offer a hand, a smile.A Nubian kid for a 7 year old girl to hug. God's speed.

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