Thursday, November 19, 2009

Busy week

It has been busy. On Monday I picked up the smoked portions of the hog we bought half of. Ran several other errands and yes did take the camera but nothing moved me to snap the shutter. Tuesday made more soap and a multitude of other stuff around here. We were going to have eggs, toast and fresh bacon for dinner that night but it became a very cold, rainy day. The menu was changed to crock pot chili and corn bread. Yum!

On Wednesday I fussed with this and that plus taking both Spinner and Kelsey for walks. Not at the same time. Spinner seems to really enjoy her occasional walks and the goats are always happy to see her come home from one. Kelsey loves to go to the creek and forage for whatever her nose comes up with. Yes I should have taken the camera but didn't. Dinner was left over BBQ steak made into stroganof , mashed potatoes and assorted veggies.

This morning I milked out all the does for the next to last time. Tassel's will milk through but no one else. I made bread.

And while it was rising went out and cleaned the crates I stupidly let get rained on. They are now drying and will be stored in the hay area for winter as I don't want to forget to tarp them and have a repeat performance!

On the way back into the house I noticed how lovely the Mum and Rosemary are doing. The cooler weather and generous rain certainly has been to their liking. I just love to pinch some rosemary on my way up the walk and sniff my finger tips until it fades away.

Back inside the cats were occupying various stations in the sun. Mollie is our misplaced barn cat that something tried to eat two Novembers (Thanksgiving Day to be precise) ago. As a result she lost her rear leg and she has been a reluctant house cat ever since. When we get moved to Palo Cedro she will be able to go out and about since the perimeter fencing there is so well thought out. I am sure she and the other house bound felines will appreciate it also.
A lazy kind of day, week. I am so enjoying getting to be home!

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