Sunday, November 29, 2009

Santa Paws no not Disney

On Friday I left in the morning to go to our Great Pyrenees Rescue Annual Christmas event. Santa Paws happens in the historic town of Jackson  at the fire station.
Randy and Debi Carpadus (Debi was Chairperson of Rescue for 10 plus years) began this event and continue to work hard at seeing it gets done. This was my first year going to it.

I stopped by Potter Valley and White Dog Ranch to pick up Caspian who is a 5 month old Pyr. pup who was taking his first big adventure off the ranch on his own.

For a pup who has never been on a lead or around strange people and places he was amazing. He did bark going around Clear Lake to the Valley and drool but those of you who have done that drive know it would make a grown man do the above also ;-)

We stopped at Williams to meet up with Donna and Dallas plus Lacey their lovely Aussie who is recovering from an emergency spay surgery. Lacey is one cool girl and is my sleeping buddy whenever I go to visit them in Cottonwood. We had a nice visit , got a bite to eat in a tailgate picnic, exchanged stuff and off I went to do a home inspection for rescue in Dunnigan a bit south on I5.

The potential adoptive family was very nice. They have a cute place that needs little to amend it to make it Pyrenees ready and they also are previous Pyr owners so now we just sit and wait for the right dog to find their forever home with them.

On the way to Jackson a wonderful rainbow appeared as the rain clouds that followed me began to butt up against the Sierras. I did my best while driving to snap it. A few telephone polls in the way but this photo gives you an idea of how nice it was to see almost all the way up the hill from Sacramento.

Rolled into to Jackson about 3:40 and found the firehouse and another set of early birds Tina and her daughter Jenn plus Jenn's friend whose name now has left my brain. That unfortunately happens often anymore. :-(

They brought Prince with them for the photo shoot and had already captured the imaginations of many shoppers with a stroll down Main St. with Prince decked out in his Christmas finery. He is a handsome fellow isn't he?

Randy , son Tyler and Randy's two nieces arrived with all decorations, printer, camera etc. So we got going on making the cozy, small fire house decorative with the spirit of Christmas. We got allot of help from a gal from the chamber whose name I have also forgotten and the place was looking pretty spiffy. Folks began to find their way in for a photo taken with a donation to rescue with the big white dogs.

Caspian did his part too not to be out done by the ever popular Prince. Snuggling up to this toddler for a quick pose with Mom and older sister.

All in all the event was great. Good conversation, excellent chili provided by Tina , cheese and crackers by me. Spent the night at Randy and Debi's and headed out the morning after a great tag team breakfast eggs by Randy and biscuits by Debi.

Returned my travel partner to his ranch and drove home to the farm where Geoffrey had provided good care to the critters in my absence.

Next adventure will be the annual trip to Fresno at the end of month to have Christmas with the kids and grand kids. Hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as grand as mine!


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