Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday Thanks

I am thankful that I can post for two days on one post since yesterday got away from me.

Yesterday was spent with everyday chores plus making mashed potatoes that are part of tomorrows feast. They need to set 2-3 days after being made to age properly. They contain garlic powder, cream cheese, sour cream and butter. Absolutely yummy! Did a few other things including walking Spinner my working girl who certainly enjoys getting out of the goat yard on occasion and seeing the sights.

Today on my way back to the house from the barn I stopped by the fish pond. It is extremely overgrown and with the lows in the high 20's and low 30's the fish are coming to the top to warm themselves and grab some oxygen. I made mental note to self that it needs cleaning out. So the next thing I know Geoffrey is out there cleaning away, great minds think alike after 38 years of marriage.

After the cleaning we counted about 20 goldfish (really farm supply feeder fish) from about "can I really see you" length to about 5 inches long.

Gold, white and orange and a black wee one. They have been busy this summer breeding and are so happy to have a clean pond to swim in.
This is what came out. They are now singing the 3 little fishes swimming in the dam song-do do doum doum watum bam! Today I am thankful for a husband that can read my mind! 

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