Friday, November 20, 2009

Neither rain,sleet,ice nor snow

Last night when I went down to the barn to say "goodnight" to the girls and Spinner I noted that Pinto Bean a lovely yearling was in heat. Knowing that she would not be in standing heat then and having no burning desire to take her down to the bucks in the dark , sort out bucks, breed her and bring her back up the hill I kissed her goodnight and left it for today. Knowing fully well we were to have about 1" of rain today but hoping we would have a break in the weather.

The conception God's must have been listening because at 12:30 this afternoon there was a break in the clouds
and not being one to leave opportunity knocking I put on my muck boots and made a beeline for the doe barn. Now Pinto Bean is a very vocal LaMancha as some of my does are when the mood strikes them. She was taking advantage of the same break to leave the barn and serenade the bucks down hill. Note open mouth "U-hoo , boyssssssssssssssssssssssss!" To which the ardent suitors replied "come on down honey."

Now due to  fact that this farm is a work in progress since we aren't here permanently I have only one buck barn and pen. So to breed does I need to do a bait and switch in inclement weather. Luckily I am working with 8 month old bucks so they are , mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, none too bright.  So into the loafing area and put a lead rope around Pinto Bean upon exiting doe barn grabbed a second lead rope to remove the not to be lucky fellow from pen. When I got to the buck pen I let Pinto Bean go with lead still attached and while she trotted up to the far fence I slipped in the pen grabbed Cowboy Casanova with the other lead rope removed him from the pen, distracted him with apple trees (boys do love to eat) and retrieved Pinto Bean and shoved to her destiny with Longfellow.

He covered her twice , I opened gate which she was handily standing by put lead rope around her and pulled her out while shoving CC back in pen by collar. All to the amazement of Longfellow and myself. I guess I have learned a trick or two in 25 years of having dairy goats. Of course I don't know if I would try this with a mature buck , at least by myself. And yes we do have a temporary pen set up at the top of the hill to use in nice weather but there is no shelter so for this season I will need to rely on skill and luck.

So are you now wondering who was the lucky boy? Longfellow is the all black fellow and his dam is a lovely redhead by the name of Walnetto-Farm Katz Meow. So with luck we will have a couple of kids in April by him. This breeding will combine both of my lines. Pinto Bean is a very stylish young lady with a nice udder and production. She had two does this year and since I have to keep down numbers until we move I opted to keep her and sell them.

So while all this was going on the fish in our little pond were enjoying life to the fullest. The rain bringing them to the top of it.

Enough adventures for today in goat land. The butter is soft time to make cookies. Have a craving for oatmeal cookies crammed with dried fruit.

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