Thursday, October 8, 2009

Picking hairs (cat that is) and other fiber projects

I stayed home again today. Pffffffffffht! This has been the worst alien stuff I have had in years. I am off tomorrow and hope that by Saturday I will return to work right as rain. I was just pooped yesterday after a full day and felt worse then I had two days ago so I think I made the right choice.

So what does one do when one is home but not enough energy to tackle anything big? Well this afternoon while I was talking to Geoffrey (who is in Cayucos again and just now came up sick) I picked the cat hairs out of my computer keyboard. Ya know I do believe it works better now ;-)

I then tackled a long standing fiber project. You all may remember when Geoffrey was gone a few trips back I washed up some wool a friend gave me. Well today I combed and carded. There was allot of vegetated matter in it and I reasoned it would come out easier if I washed, combed and carded. Well it is working to a great extent and I have made a very small dent in the pile of fiber I now visualize this being one of those "on going" projects. Like maybe the rest of my life! Not really it just feels that way right now.

The top is midway wool to be carded setting on combs and cards. The
  large amount of fiber on top left is the washed product. The photo below    is the finished product.

  The next two photos are what we in the vet. med business call job  
   security. They are a foxtail and sticker  seed. Insert either in an ear, nose,
   mouth or between a dogs toes and I  can promise you a bill of no less
   than $300. In the fiber business they are known as more work than one
   wants or needs. Which is why some folks coat their sheep.

So while sitting on my front porch looking out (apologies to Lonestar) the last photo of the day is my view.

All in all a lovely relaxing day. Said no to the nap as I wanted to be sure to sleep tonight and now it is time to start rustling up something for supper. Eating alone is a two edged sword. On the upside you can eat whenever and whatever you want. On the down side you are alone. Actually it is pretty much o.k. until day 3 when even the cats stop listening to my endless commentary!

Disclaimer. I have yet to come even close to mastering the whys and wherefores of this program. So if there are more spaces than needed and single words ending up far away from the whole remaining sentence. Just ignore it, someday I will get there!

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