Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This 'n That

Today was a welcome day off. We were in surgery all day yesterday and when I drug in over 30 minutes later than hoped for I was pooped. But it was a good day and I slept well.

So today catch up! After milking I made some ricotta cheese. This recipe is wonderful as it is for whole goat milk instead of the usual whey ricotta. It will be molded in bread pans one frozen and one used in the lasagna later today for supper.

After some mandatory household stuff, laundry, ironing scrub tops and so forth I ended up back in the barn with the goal of trimming feet on all my adult does which numbers 13 today since the two nubians Berrie and Pearl are still at Donna's to be bred.
Can you tell that Tassels was none too thrilled at being the first up? No I don't make my does stand still for hoof trimming without alfalfa pellets or a bit of grain but Ms. pain in the bum decided that the % of grain to alfalfa pellets was not to her liking and moments before snapping this photo she lifted the bucket out of the holder in front of her and tossed it to the floor.Goats have very tactile mouths and use them well.
On the way back to the house after reaching my hoof trimming goal the rain gauge showed that we had gotten 2.5 inches in about 36 hours and believe you me every drop was a blessing and so appreciated!  Even the ferns and fish were delighted.
Supper got under way late afternoon. Yummy lasagna made with just about 100% home grown products. Included were the ricotta of earlier plus some goat mozzarella. The ground beef was courtesy of a friend who was kind enough to sell me 1/4 of a angus cross she had butchered. Yeah I know ugly word but when we are stewards of the land and of the critters there is a destiny for everything. So with each meal we thank that fellow for giving up so we may eat. 

 So the above ingredients including some canned tomatoes made a lovely supper tonight for this we are thankful.

 Snowy River one of two barn cats is thankful for a comfy spot to nap during the rain. And lastly we here at Walnetto Farm are blessed to have a lovely Medicine Wheel at the base of our pens. So we sleep well at night knowing that we are protected..

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