Friday, October 2, 2009


The word that says it all.

Wednesday night while talking with Donna about 9 pm I was over come by fatigue. Well it had been a busy day but that busy? Thursday morning I awoke to copious amounts of , you guessed it, snot. By 1:30 at work it was sore throat, snot and someone unseen piercing my right ear with a spear. I went home, me who has left work sick maybe now 3 times in my life. I am one of those show up, buck up persons.

Got home Geoffrey took one look at me and said why don't you go to bed, I did and slept until 4:30. So today was better but not great. The throat is recovered but now come the sieges of sneezing. I had to go to Santa Rosa for the usual suspects, Costco, Target, Trader Joe's and some Great Pyr. rescue business. Could have been better as my ears are now popping like crazy.

The irony of it all? I have three days off beginning today. Well life must still go on and I will continue to do the stuff but temper it with some rest and hot tea and honey. Thank you Kat / as I have been slugging down tinctures and herb potions by the groves!

So think of me tomorrow sniffling my way through Farmers Mkt. and perhaps catching a few sneezes at the knit store. I know I should stay home but there is too much to do!

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  1. Bloody hell, woman! Running around is no way to get better. Can't the knit store wait and Geoffrey go shopping instead?