Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hay-it must be Sunday

Today I took back the last 10 bales of #2 alfalfa I bought awhile back. It was awful - well maybe not awful but very difficult to feed as it was baled in a way that made it like a work of macrame. After 15 bales I had had it. So I loaded them up and went to the Hay Barn in Lakeport. Well someone was watching over me as the #1 alfalfa was amazing. It was put up last week I imagine, fine stemmed, lovely purple blooms dispersed in the appropriate places and so leafy even a goat would swoon! 

There were 49 bales left and two blocks (roughly 120 bales) had come in only Thursday. "I will take them all" to the guys loading up my trailer. "And what we can't get in the trailer can go in the truck bed." A slight nagging in the back of my head thinking of Geoffrey at home sick but functioning and seeing 49 bales to be unloaded would just sigh. I did feel some guilt about making him work so hard but also knew he would certainly understand the prudence of buying up all of it while I could. It would have broken my heart to leave any of it behind. Only a true farm girl can understand that sentiment.

Below my wonderful husband backing up trailer full of hay. Of course I had already unloaded and stacked the 9 bales in the truck bed. Those above with the Dixie Chicks being very chicken like and curious.   

So we got on with the unloading and stacking taking turns as neither of us are really up to snuff yet. Altho I am much better than he is. But I did have a weeks head start. To the right is the trailer before unloading.
Below left  is the trailer sans hay and next to it is the hay area in the barn with the contents of the trailer. I am off soon to feed the said new hay to the goaties. I expect that they will lick those feeders clean!

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