Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last October Sunday

Got busy early today. Made a pot of soft cheese and then bread to rise. The bread is a recipe from the King Authur Flour 100 Years Anniversary Cookbook.  
I so enjoy using the King Authur line up, even tho the FOB makes it a bit pricey it is worth the cost for the quality I don't find elsewhere. So until I begin to grind my own wheat this makes me happy! 

       First comes the dough. I love to knead it until it feels just like a             baby's  bum. Takes time by hand a good 8 to 10 minutes but
       it gives me a time to entertain thoughts and mull over them. Then
       comes the first rise in a bowl and a final rise in the loaf pan.

Next creative chore to tackle was the apple pie made with local McIntosh apples. There are multiple wonderful apple growers in our
area. We do have our own trees but we let nature take it course and
don't cull as we should so as a result the apples are small - great for
human hand eating and goat treats but a bit of a chore to do anything
major with.

End results?

 The bread was wonderful - crispy crust, lovely texture and soft. The loaf that  I made into cinnamon / raisins rolled with melted butter (I am a big believer in real butter and lots of it!) was to die for!  The pie still has the jury out on it. We will find out after dinner when it gets served up with a big scoop of french vanilla ice cream.


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